Sugar Mail

Custom install of server component

Company policy prohibits the sharing of email credentials with third parties. I can imagine the same is true for many other (potential) users who deal with sensitive data. Some may even unconsciously violate these policies. Which is a dilemma if you want to use Sugarmail and benefit from the cloud features.

For this reason I would like to see the possibility to install the server component on your own servers. It doesn’t necessarily need to be open source as long as it has a strongly worded policy that data and login credentials don’t leave the premise.

Examples of other Android apps utilizing cloud features in a similar fashion, which allow the cloud component to be custom installed:

  • Bitwarden password manager
  • Groundwire SIP client


A good suggestion.

Yes this can be an issue, although to be fair most email apps are cloud based these days, which is how Google wants people to make apps (among other reasons).

I will keep this in mind for the long term. Imagine I’d have to make a Docker image with all the services.

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A docker image and/or docker-compose yaml file would be amazing! If you need a beta-tester, please don’t hesitate to message me. :hugs:

I was a long time user of Aqua Mail until the change of ownership. Since then, I’ve been using Samsung Email, which is non-cloud based, very reliable with IMAP, and also supports Exchange ActiveSync. Still, I miss some of the customizability that Sugarmail would have to offer, including its cloud functionalities.

Aqua Mail… I’ve heard about that one :slight_smile:

Yes Samsung Email is really great, I used to use an S10 as my everyday phone. Now on a OnePlus 9 it’s Sugar Mail for me :slight_smile: