Sugar Mail

Exchange / Office 365 in beta

Supports OAUTH2 (MFA, sign in with SMS code, etc.) for Office 365.

May contain bugs, please contact me at support [at] sugarmail . app

Right now only mail messages are working, will work on contacts and calendar sync soon.

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Hi Kostya, I’m glad to see you again. I can’t log into my exchange account. In addition to the server and the Domain it also asks me for login … And a 401 error

Domain is optional but sometimes is required, depends on the server.

Can you check login / password in whatever app you are currently using? Is there a domain perhaps (either a separate input, or in the form domain\login)?

Does it work with Aqua Mail (if you’re using that)?

Also worth checking (against Aqua Mail) - server name.

Yes I use Aquamail and just enter the email address and without doing anything else he finds autodiscover etc etc,
Sugar mail instead does not find autodiscover and asks me to enter the data, I do it by entering the full address of autodiscover and then also the server both using slash or backslash
In the other software I know how to do this whatever way I use to enter data gives me error 401

Sorry I don’t understand “full address of autodiscover”.

You’re entering something with slash in server name? Please don’t, you just need the server name that’s it. No “https://” before or anything after.

Can you try same server name and login and password as in Aqua Mail?

That your actual Exchange server name? As set in Aqua Mail?

Can you please email me the actual server name to support [ at ], might be faster than the forum.