Sugar Mail

Feature request - Ability to turn on/off sync inbox folder

Can you consider this request?.

  • Ability to turn on/off sync folder “inbox”, for example, I have an office 365 account but I only use the calendar sync on and I don’t want to sync the inbox folder, I know that Sugar it’s possible to turn on/off syncing in others folders than inbox.


Yes I’ll keep it in mind, thanks.

For now I’d recommend turning off mail sync for the Sugar Mail account altogether in phone settings under accounts.

Thanks for the tip.

Can you share to us the roadmap or what’s on your to-do list?, just to clarify, i’m not asking an ETA.

For example, include color customizations (like AM of course) in the message list like backgrounds for unread/read mails, etc…i’m pretty sure that it’s on you to-do list among other things.


Well custom message list colors is on my list. Is (currently) the lack of this feature why you’re not using Sugar Mail for email?

i’m using sugar for hotmail/gmail mail and only calendat sync for office 365.

I just published version 1.3-203 (beta) which has settings to customize message list colors.

It may take a day or two for this version to pass Google’s review and show on your phone.

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