Sugar Mail

Hello to kotsya

Greeting from India,
I have been using aquamail as long as I can remember. And come back to it after trying different apps. It ls so addictive.
So when I heard about new mail app by him, i was super a excited to start with.

However after going through the info, i am puzzled as well as little taken aback

  1. Firstly Kotsya was a great advocate if privacy and against third party server. In forum there had been many request to introduce snooze or other server based feature, every time the argument and strong point was, in aquamail, nothing is on server and privacy was gauranted. I guess, recent trend, commercial factors and majority demand might have made his choose this path.
  2. This model is subscription based, with high subscription (of course this is subjective between developer and user :joy::joy:). This discouraged and disheartened me little after initial great excitement!

Nevertheless, i have 14 days to ejoy his new creation, which is really good.

Good luck!

Hello Paras,

Well I wasn’t interested in repeating what I’ve done with Aqua Mail (esp. since there is Fair Email now), and wanted to try something new, just to see if I’d be able to make it work. It was a challenge.

Yes privacy can be a concern depending on your views (e.g. your mail still passes through your mail provider, with any email app). Or it may not be, seeing how many email apps (Spark, Type / Blue Mail, Outlook, MyMail, Newton, just off top of my head) are cloud based.

Cloud has these benefits:

  • Push is battery efficient
  • Snooze will notify when it’s supposed to
  • Scheduled send when it’s supposed to
  • Forwarding messages with attachments without having to download to Android first
  • Related: when composing, add an attachment from any older message, also without downloading first
  • Syncs all starred messages, even old ones

Last but not least, at time went on, Google made Android less and less friendly to “non-cloud based” apps (e.g. K9 Mail in its current beta removed push mail entirely). In other words, in Google’s view of the world, cloud based is how you do it. Wasn’t the case in 2010 or even 2015. I have no reason to think that this Google driven trend will reverse.

Also in terms of privacy. Yes your messages do pass through a server. But they literally “pass through” there is no long term retention. Incoming messages are deleted at most one minute after they’re received by the Android app, and sent messages, after they’ve been sent.

Bottom line, whether it’s acceptable or not is a personal decision.

Same goes with subscriptions. Sky / Sugar Mail is priced well below Aqua Mail which is also a subscription, not to mention Newton ($50 a year I believe). Yes those app are more mature and have more features, while I’m only starting out, but still.

Oh and since it’s a cloud based app, I have to pay for server(s) which is a recurring (monthly) expense. I didn’t think I could make it work with one-time purchases.

But how do users know, that there are no copies?

I need an email provider (or have an own server), so I chose one and have to trust. But there is no need to have an additionally 3rd party server in between as a “man in the middle”.

That’s because all old attachments are stored on your server? Not just for a minute?

By the way:

Did you forget that there is a pro key as one-time-purchase for AquaMail?

Of course. For me it’s not. But I was hoping, you would create a different mail app.

You’re right, they don’t - other than me saying so.

Same as one doesn’t know that his/her email provider doesn’t send a copy of all messages to the NSA :slight_smile:

No they are not. When there is a “referenced” attachment, it will be fetched as needed.

I wasn’t sure that MobiSystems kept that. OK so there is a one-time purchase option.

Well I created what I created :slight_smile: Sorry if it’s not something you can use, but Aqua Mail (and a few other non-cloud apps) are still around.

And Superhuman which costs USD 30 per month on ios and mac. Not available on Android yet!

I am coming to the terms with cloud mail, as that is the in-thing, and most application out there have server based service, then only they can offer fancy features.

While very much appreciating cost structure of cloud mail and Kostya new investment interms of efforts and money, he has all the right to have his pricing structure, I also know that his creation will mark a big difference in positive sense as compared other application, and sugar mail would evolve as one of the best email app soon.

Having said this, i would be still hesitant and reluctant to subscribe to regular payment. This is my personal preference and limitation, and nothing against subscription based pricing scheme.

I know, any body who would have capacity to adopt subscription based pricing, and willingness, they should better chose sugar mail over others. They will cherish their decision!
Good Luck!

Yes I agree. Sugar Mail will be one of the leading apps on the play store in a few months. Kostya is a committed genius!