Icon in notificatiin area

It would be REALLY nice to have the option to show the Sugarmail icon in the notification bar when sync/push is active. I am using your “earlier” app Aquamail and as you remember it has the option called “Notification icon during sync and push” which is really nice and useful. Hopefully you will consider this.

Hi Julio

The two apps have different technology, in Sugar Mail sync and push is always active.

Can you clarify what’s the usefulness of the icon?

I absolutly understand what you say, and I can also explain you THE EXCELLENT function this icon has for many users :
In many countries and places my friend, the signal is NOT the best. And when you, as in this case, use AquaMail, it always show you an icon when the app is connected to the servers (when there is a signal) and when one is waiting for an important email, one can see that the email IS CONNECTED, hence it has connection. In a way it helps you to see that the connection is stable and good. Not like others, not having Aquamail, they open a webpage just to check if there is a connection.