Sugar Mail

IMAP sent problem

There are no problems with the received messages. When I want to send a message, I get the error below, I can’t send messages:
unexpected response to mail from : Incorrect atentification data.
I use an IMAP account. In other applications I do not have that problem.

Too bad for this error, it is an application that has a nice interface. I stay at nine, I see that no one bothers to answer me about the error I receive.

Can you please bring up app’s settings → your account → Server Settings.

Tap Next - the app will check server settings - does that succeed? Can you try it a few times to see if it’s consistent?

Attached pictures.

I tried several times but without success. I changed my password and nothing.

Sorry I’m not clear if this

Tap Next - the app will check server settings - does that succeed?


Yes, he succeeds. I do not receive any errors when configuring. When I try to send a message I get that error. The server configuration data is confirmed, it does not receive any errors. In addition, when receiving messages, everything is ok and I receive them.

The sent messages also appear in the sent folder. The problem is only when I try to send a new message.

Solutions? From can it be?

I can privately communicate your username and password so you can take tests.

Can you please contact me at and let me know the account’s email? Password is not needed.


I’m waiting for news.