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Is Sugar Mail cloud-based?

Hi Koysta…

I’m wondering if Sugar Mail is cloud-based or not?

Not quite ready to download the trial yet, but very curious about your latest project.


Yes it is cloud based, this provides:

  • Battery efficient push
  • Forwarding attachments without downloading to the phone first
  • other things I’m forgetting right now :slight_smile:

Your messages are not shared with any third party and are not retained for long term storage.

Incoming messages are deleted from the cloud as soon as they’re downloaded by the Android app + at most 1 minute.

Outgoing messages are deleted as soon as they’re sent + at most 1 minute.

One more thing made possible by cloud tech: the app syncs all starred (flagged, pinned) messages, even old ones.

Hello everyone, I am very surprised that the app is cloud based.

After all, I don’t want my emails to be stored on your server. This has nothing to do with you personally. But the emails should come directly from the provider to my device.

I think your approach will put many people off. IMAP is enough, from my point of view.

Is there an option for incoming messages to be left on mail server when they are deleted from your cloud? My use is that I can give a quick read of the incoming mail on the phone and then give a detailed reply when I get back to my desktop. Once downloaded to the desktop, it is deleted from the mail server.

To add to this, as Kristof said, I’m going to have to think about using Sugar Mail if it’s stored in the cloud even for a short amount of time. This “feature” may put off some potential users.

Forwarding attachments without downloading to the phone first

So attachments will be saved on your server (as a 3rd party)? We know this way from BlueMail or TypeApp and others.

Users must route all messages through your third-party server (possibly even reveal passwords for accounts without OAuth). And they have to pay for that?

Isn’t it rather dubious?

Attachments are not saved (in most cases, I’d say 99%, except if a message has a “complicated” structure in IMAP terms).

I don’t think it’s known if Type / Blue saves attachments or just message text or for how long. The most detailed comment is from the developers of Spark, they store messages for one hour. Sky / Sugar - for one minute.

I also just gave a detailed response about cloud vs. not here: Hello to kotsya

Ultimately it’s a personal choice. Some people may find revealing their passwords / oauth tokens even to a non-cloud based app - too much of a risk (after all, it could, hypothetically, send them somewhere, just like a cloud based app could, hypothetically, I don’t know, scan your messages for credit card numbers???) Others are not too concerned about cloud based at all (see the install numbers of Blue / Type Mail, Outlook, Spark, Newton / Cloud Magic).

Yes the cloud server has to know the passwords and the tokens so it can fetch mail. They are stored encrypted with AES-GCM 256 bit.

Each account has its own random encryption salt (meaning even if someone got the data, they’d have to break the code for each account separately from others, not all at once).

The logins (usernames) and “human” names are encrypted too.

I actually don’t see an advantage for this cloud based app.

For users and their email providers you are a 3rd party. Why should users give credential data and sensitive data like emails to a 3rd Party? Even for 1 minute, as you say.

Why didn’t you create a regular mail app?

I think, it should be mentioned in play store description, that this mail app is cloud based.

Because cloud based is how you write an email app in 2020 - mostly because of how Android evolved over time from say 2010 to now.

You’re right, and if your intuition is that you’re not comfortable with that, well, that’s that then.

Well messages are only deleted from the cloud, and stay on your mail server. There is no option, that’s just how it works.

Deleting from your mail server is done the usual way(s) - with “move to deleted” or “delete now” menu items.

Additional info, esp. for those from Europe.

Right now Sky / Sugar mail uses two cloud servers: one is in Europe (Germany) and the other is in the US (New Jersey).

The server provider is Linode, it’s GDPR compliant (for those from Europe).

The app picks the closest server for better performance.

It means if you’re located in Europe, your data stays there, same for the US.

Very sincerely, Aquamail has always been my go-to app that made history. I remember how much Kostya always held to the fact that AM wasn’t cloud-based.
Now, even if I wanted to accept his motivations about the right reasons for the cloud, I have to say that the price of the app is really excessively high. I will remember forever. Kostya and Am, but I don’t understand this new choice.
Best wishes and a lot of luck

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It’s less expensive than Aqua Mail or Newton, which are both subscriptions too.

On the other hand, there is a bunch of free email apps, starting with Gmail, continuing with Outlook (for Android) and then we have Type Mail, Blue Mail, Spark, MyMail… Some are even free and have no ads.

AquaMail offers one-time-purchase, too.

And you compare with TypeMail, BlueMail, Spark Mail? Really?

Better compare mit FairEmail, Nine, K-9 (still developed). Those apps are without privacy concerns, they connect directly to mailservers. Without a 3rd party man-in-the-middle server.

Yes TypeMail, BlueMail, Spark Mail, Outlook, My Mail are all cloud based. A legitimate comparison. Some have ads, some have a corporate pricing plan, some don’t have either and are still free (personally it makes me wonder).

Newton Mail is $50 / year, cloud based.

Yes I know that Nine, Fair Email, K-9 are not cloud based.

Yes there is a one-time purchase “Aqua Mail Pro Unlocker” but that’s a remnant from old days and the in-app (in Aqua Mail app) offers to purchase a subscription.

But really 1) I fully understand you are not interested in a cloud based app, and that’s not going to change 2) Sugar Mail is cloud based, and that’s not going to change.

About the people who are concern and freaking out because Sugar Mail is a cloud based app, c’mon guys, don’t be ridiculous, guess what?, the only fact that you’re using android, literally google knows all about you and even worst, If you’re using whatsapp, FB, tiktok, alexa, netflix, amazon and almost all social apps, they share all your information with the big brother (name it what you want).

If you want privacy, don’t use any internet connected device and remain isolated from the rest of the world, If you don’t want to, pay the price for using that “free” apps.

Thanks Roland.

I just would like to also point out that:

  • Sugar Mail doesn’t share data with any third party
  • There are no ads - which can also be a privacy hazard