Sugar Mail

Several features request

Can you add the following features and can you share what’s on your to do-list?, to know what’s on it and avoid to make a request that already on it

Obviously this features comes from aqua mail (AM)

1.- Setting or toggle/check to go directly “All Accounts” message view when it opens the app, because at this moment it goes to “account list view” and then I have to tap “All Accounts” to go to message list
2.- In Message List ability to set a break by date.
3.- Integration with Tesla Unread from Nova Launcher.

And last but not least, please consider to lower the subscription cost maybe with that you can increase the subscriptions and recurring revenue…just saying…



1 - Maybe turn off the “all accounts” view if you don’t like it? This is in the app’s settings.
2, 3 - I will write these down, thanks.

Currently I’m working on Calendar sync for Exchange.

Hi and thanks for your reply.

About of point 1, let me elaborate, If I turn off “all account” view, I only see the inboxes from my accounts but I can’t see the folders on it, If I enable it, I can see inboxes and folders but when I open the app it goes to “Account List View” and I would like to go directly to message view where I can see all my inboxes and folders inside it (like Smart Folders feature from Aqua Mail)

About exchange calendar sync, great!!!, I suppose that will have integration with office 365?..


Well not all at once, but - you can still see all folders for one account at a time in the side bar, and can switch easily. So yes it’s a tradeoff.

Of course. Sugar Mail already supports mail and contacts sync for Exchange, and does support Office 365 (with OAUTH2 authentication).

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Hi Kotsya:
Another feature request:
4.- In “Notifications” can you add “Move to Junk/Spam” or “Mark as Junk/Spam” action?


About Tesla Unread.

Looks like the app has been discontinued, and Nova Launcher automatically comes up with a numeric badge based on notifications.

In other words, you can just enable numeric badges in Nova settings (Prime version is required) and it should just work.

And about “move to spam” / “move to spam and block” as notification actions.

Done, just uploaded to Google Play. The new version should become visible in a day or two, after a review by Google. You’re looking for 1.2-181.

I already updated and I see the new action.

About Tesla Unread, you’re right and I overlooked that feature