Sugar Mail

Sky Mail vs Sugar Mail

I see both Sky Mail and Sugar Mail on Google Play. Clicking the website link at the bottom of Sky Mail on Google Play brings me to Sugar Mail.

What’s the difference between the two?

It’s same exact app.

I’m in the process of republishing it under new name and new package id (so it’s actually two separate apps to Google Play).

( reason: potential trademark conflict, better safe than sorry )

Right now it’s better to install Sugar Mail if you already discovered it.

Thanks for the explanation. So eventually the Sky Mail app will disappear from Google Play.

Yes pretty much as soon as Google is done reviewing Sugar Mail for privacy / data usage policy compliance. A week or two, I’m hoping.

Sugar Mail has been approved by Google, I’m releasing it as a Production version to Play.

Should take a day or so for it to become visible and the “( Early Access )” label to disappear here:

Once that happens I will be releasing a Sky Mail update with a notification about the switch.