Sugar Mail

Some design/cosmetic features

I would like to request the following design/cosmetic features In “Message list view”

  1. When it sets “Break up by date” that the date style font changes to “bold”.
  2. Setting to change the font color of some message/mail elements like “subject”, “preview text”, “from”, when it’s read/unread
  3. To have a “cards” view type, maybe, this can be achieved to add a new setting to change the message list view background color.
  4. Ability to show “favicons” like contact/sender icons, I know this feature it’s already implemented but in my case it’s partially (or maybe it’s intended) because at this moment it only works for google, aliexpress but it’s not for amazon, microsoft, uber, paypal, and others popular and retail sites.



1 - date in the break headers (it’s already semi-bold) or times in individual messages?

2 - Will write this down

3 - Not sure what you mean, a card per message with a shadow?

4 - Microsoft should work (, amazon should work ( also .de .fr .it), paypal should work ( Uber is just a black square, I’ll add it I guess :slight_smile:

Hi Kostya:
1.- Sorry, I didn’t explain myself well, you’re right it’s already semi bold, but the font color is greyish maybe change to black or add a setting to change that color and/or background.
3.- Yes, a card per message, something like a material design card per message.
4.- I’m from Mexico and that domains ends with “.mx”. Based on what you write, can I assume that the favicon it’s fixed based on domain name?.

Thank you for your prompt answer.


BTW: I bought a subscription to support your work.

1 - It’s a subdued color by design, it’s something Material suggests (and you see on the web too) - larger font size uses a paler color so it’s balanced relative to smaller text which uses a darker color.

2 - Hmm, not sure I like this. Yes it’s material design but it would waste a lot of screen space, both vertically and horizontally. Usually people ask for more, not less, information per screen.

3 - I just added - also added an icon for - what else? Please post a specific list. Thanks.

Please add the following:

About your last reply, I agree with you, either way, I like the UI as is.


OK I’ve added:

You may want to subscribe to the beta version releases, so you can get this change sooner:

Sure, I just did it at this moment.