Sugar Mail

Unable to log into Web Email Account

Good morning

Just looking for some help as I’m unable to log into my Web email account via Sugar mail

It has been working perfectly until this morning

I’ve checked the email account via ghe Web and there are no issues there

Please see see the attachment

Thank you in advance


Check update…uninstalled the app…reinstalled but the same problem is there

2nd update for you

I can confirm that same logging in issue is present on my work mobile…exactly the same error message

Both mobiles are Android run if that helps

I really hope this is fixable as I absolutely love using Sugar Mail

Last update
I’ve just downloaded a different email app…put in details and boom they went in with no error message so it is definitely a problem with the Sugar mail app
Can you please look into this ASAP and advise me what to do
Thank you

This is definitely a problem with the mail server, there were no changes on Sugar Mail’s side and the command ID is perfectly legal. The other app may not be using this command so it works.

That being said, I just added a workaround. Should work now.

A reininstall is not necessary, just go through server settings again which should now complete without error.

In the event the error persists, please contact me at and let me know the account’s email address (so I can run some diagnostics).

Good morning
Thanks for getting back to me
I’ve followed your instructions and happy to say the problem email address loaded again without any problems
Thank you so much for your help
Best Regards

I now have a different problem that I hope you can help me with
I now see an error message with 1 of .y accounts - see attachment
It was perfect u til yesterday
Thank you